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Elected as ISEMPH Communications Officer

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

I'm happy to announce at the most recent International Society for Evolution, Medicine and Public Health (ISEMPH) council meeting I was elected as the Communications Officer for ISEMPH.

The primary responsibilities are via the Twitter account, fairly dormant in recent years, which I am hoping to reinvigorate somewhat. I'll be reporting on ISEMPH conferences, offers for ISEMPH members, and tweeting and retweeting updates on key research in the field of evolutionary medicine, hopefully raising the profile of content in EMPH, ISEMPH's journal. It would be ideal if, by making the tweets more regular and appealing (e.g. graphically), we can grow the reach of the account, and evolutionary medicine generally.

Although my own research is in evolutionary psychiatry, evolutionary medicine as a wider field is something I am a staunch believer in, and it's an honor to be in such a position within the leading EvMed society. Thanks to the council for their support in my application, and especially to Randy Nesse, Nicole Bender and Frank Ruhli, for being enthusiastic supporters of my career and encouraging me to take on this new role.


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