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EPSIG's YouTube has two new uploads, on health behaviour and eating disorders

I am running the RCPsych's EPSIG group's YouTube channel, including editing and uploading videos, and we have just uploaded two new videos which are worth mentioning.

Firstly, we had Gillian Pepper present after the EPSIG AGM on her work on how controllable or uncontrollable mortality risk affects health behaviours. Why do people in bad situations seemingly make things worse by drinking, smoking and having poor diets? Perhaps it's something to do with their perception of their mortality being more outside of their control, so health behaviours mean less to them. Gillian's presentation was thought provoking and excellently presented:

We have also uploaded a highlights reel of the Riadh Abed's presentation to the newly formed College of Psychiatrists of Ireland 'Evolution and Psychiatry' Special Interest Group, led by Henry O'Connell. The UK group and the Irish group are very supportive of one another, and we in the UK group are very happy that they have taken the initiative to start their own version. Riadh presented on evolutionary approaches to eating disorders, including his own 'Sexual Competition Hypothesis'. Here is the highlights clip (the full video can be found here):

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