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Introducing a new webinar series from the WPA Section of Evolutionary Psychiatry

This week the EPSIG UK YouTube channel has been bolstered by the first videos in a new webinar series. The World Psychiatric Association's Section of Evolutionary Psychiatry has been dormant in recent years, but Riadh Abed and I have revived it with this new series, with thanks to the University of Zurich's Institute of Evolutionary Medicine for supporting me to do so. For information on the section and to join future webinars, see here.

Here is Riadh introducing the section and the webinar series:

And here is the lecture by the first speaker, Matt Zefferman, on 'Evolutionary Perspective on Combat Raids: American Veterans and Turkana Warriors.

Thanks to Matt for being the first speaker in the line-up and giving a fascinating presentation on his work. I look forward to future webinars.


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