Adam Daniel Hunt

Born and raised around London, Adam completed a bachelors in philosophy at Southampton University in 2013 and a masters in philosophy at Bristol University in 2015. In Bristol he studied the philosophy of biology, primarily concerning evolutionary theory, and the philosophy of psychology.


After his masters he walked into what he calls 'the perfect job' – working as the lone night porter in a small 15th century hotel. There he could spend his shifts researching and contemplating, finally being paid rather than paying for the pleasure. In one of those shifts, at almost one AM on the third of June 2016, he connected dots which began a night-long epiphany. Eventually that epiphany would become The Specialised Mind.


After discussing the idea with his old professors and other specialists, he was initially recommended to pursue a PhD, but later told the project was outside the scope of the current PhD system. Unwilling to give up on a project which seemed so promising, he handed in his notice, and left London for rural Norfolk, to an empty cottage once used for family holidays, to develop the idea in isolation.


Four years later, returning to London with a completed manuscript, he is now engaging with the evolutionary medicine and evolutionary psychiatry communities, and has been appointed onto the executive committee of the Evolutionary Psychiatry Special Interest Group (EPSIG) at the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He has also been offered a place at the University of Zurich’s Institute of Evolutionary Medicine, to now develop the key ideas of his book into a PhD, and is seeking funding. The publication of The Specialised Mind is being postponed whilst this is underway.

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