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Adam Daniel Hunt


Born and raised around London, Adam has been working on evolutionary psychiatry since 2016. He earned his PhD in 2024 for his dissertation ‘Evolving Evolutionary Psychiatry and Explaining Neurodiversity’. Before his PhD he completed a Bachelor's in Philosophy at Southampton University in 2013 and a Master's in Philosophy at Bristol University in 2015.

Adam has been driven to work in evolutionary psychiatry since stumbling upon a scientific paradox which remains unsolved: why are mental disorders so common, genetic, and as yet unexplained? And why haven’t we been questioning the ultimate cause of mental disorder – explaining it not just in terms of brain states, but by the evolutionary process behind those brain states? Psychiatry has endlessly failed to find good explanations for mental disorders. Perhaps that's because it has been missing the explanation of all biology, evolution by natural selection.

Obsessed by this giant scientific and social problem in 2016, he left London to research and write in solitude in the Norfolk countryside. In 2020, with a draft book manuscript in hand, he was offered a place in the Human Ecology group at the Institute of Evolutionary Medicine, a newly established group and department at the University of Zürich, to convert his work into academic publications and a PhD, which he completed in 2024.

Adam is represented by the literary agent Toby Mundy, of Aevitas Creative. His first non-fiction book, The Specialised Mind, is in development, and will summarise his research for the general audience.

You can find regular updates of his achievements and publications on the 'Content' page of this website.

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