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The Specialised Mind will be Adam's first book. It explains the existence of long term, common mental disorders, and common personality traits as products of the same evolutionary process, of cognitive specialisation. An academic paper on the subject can be found here.

The initial draft also introduced the DCIDE method, a new way of analysing psychological and biological conditions to ascertain whether they are likely to have evolved, and if so, what their evolutionary function could have been. More than any competing approach to discerning the cause of psychiatric conditions, this method relies on scientific evidence rather  than social consensus. You can find a brief outline of the method here in a special essay, and a paper is forthcoming.

Adam is now working in The University of Zurich’s Institute of Evolutionary Medicine to develop the core academic ideas from the initial draft of The Specialised Mind into a PhD. The Specialised Mind will be published once his PhD is awarded.


Toby Mundy is serving as Adam's literary agent.

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