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The Evolving Psychiatry podcast aims to convey key concepts and findings from evolutionary psychiatry in a manner which is accessible to an uninitiated audience, of either the general public or professionals not versed in evolutionary literature. It is available on major podcast platforms (Spotify, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Stitcher, etc.) and video versions are available on Spotify or the 'Evolving Psychiatry' YouTube channel.

The podcast series begins by launching the Cambridge University Press volume ‘Evolutionary Psychiatry: Evolutionary Perspectives on Mental Health’. The initial 20 episodes will introduce key concepts from each chapter in short form interviews with lead authors, including luminaries in the field such as Randolph Nesse, Robin Dunbar, Martin Brüne and Riadh Abed.

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Episode 1 (pre-series)
Why Evolutionary Psychiatry? | Adam Hunt

Episode 2

Introducing Evolutionary Psychiatry | Riadh Abed

Episode 3

Evolutionary-Biopsychosocial Psychiatry | Adam Hunt

Episode 4

Humanity: Complicated | Derek Tracy

Episode 5

Humanity: Special | Derek Tracy

Episode 6

Hunter-Gatherers, Mismatch and Mental Disorder | Nikhil Chaudhary

Episode 7

Why Mental Disorders Persist: Evolutionary Foundations for Psychiatry | Randolph Nesse

Episode 8 

Anxiety Disorders in an Evolutionary Perspective | Randolph Nesse

Episode 9

Evolutionary Perspectives on Depression | Severi Luoto

Episode 10

An evolutionary, clinical call to transcend suicide risk assessment | Matthew Large

Episode 11

Evolutionary Perspectives on Eating Disorders | Riadh Abed

Episode 12

Substance Abuse and Evolution | Paul St-John Smith

Episode 13

The Social Function of Alcohol in an Evolutionary Perspective | Robin Dunbar

Episode 14

Evolutionary Perspectives on Childhood Trauma | Annie Swanepoel

Episode 15

Evolutionary Perspectives on Neurodevelopmental Disorders | Annie Swanepoel

Episode 16

Maternal Negativity and Child Maltreatment | Daniela Sieff

Episode 17

Alzheimer's as a Disease of Evolutionary Mismatch, with a Focus on Reproductive Life History | Molly Fox

Episode 18

Psychopharmacology and Evolution | Paul St-John Smith

Episode 19

Evolutionary Perspectives on Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders | Martin Brüne

Episode 20

What the Evolutionary and Cognitive Sciences Offer the Sciences of Crime and Justice | Adam Hunt (standing in for Brain Boutwell)

Episode 21

Evolutionary Thinking and Clinical Care of Psychiatric Patients | Alfonso Troisi

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