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The Evolving Psychiatry podcast aims to convey key concepts and findings from evolutionary psychiatry in a manner which is accessible to an uninitiated audience, of either the general public or professionals not versed in evolutionary literature. It is available on major podcast platforms (Spotify, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Stitcher, etc.) and video versions are available on Spotify or the 'Evolving Psychiatry' YouTube channel.

The podcast series began by launching the Cambridge University Press volume ‘Evolutionary Psychiatry: Evolutionary Perspectives on Mental Health’. The initial 20 episodes then introduced key concepts from each chapter in short form interviews with lead authors, including luminaries in the field such as Randolph Nesse, Robin Dunbar, Martin Brüne and Riadh Abed.

Later seasons of the podcast, now being released, cover other thinkers and key parts of evolutionary psychiatry. The aim is for the podcast to eventually showcase all of the core theories and principles in the field.

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