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Awarded the Forschungskredit Candoc grant for my PhD project

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

I'm very happy to announce that I have just received news that I am among the very lucky people to have been awarded the highly competitive Forschungskredit Candoc grant by the University of Zurich to pay my PhD salary for a further 1 & 3/4 years, amounting to 94,185 Swiss Francs. This is the first major grant I have been awarded personally, so is great news, and its wonderfully affirming that my work has value.

I am particularly surprised/excited because I know that even though this has always been a highly competitive scheme, this year they received 25% more applicants than usual! So it's a true honour.

I'm especially thankful to Holger Baumann in the Philosophy department for giving running feedback on the proposal in the weeks leading up the submission, as well as Adrian Jaeggi and Hanjo Glock for their ongoing support.


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