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GRC Grant for MAPPING Mental Health workshop

I led GRC Grant 2022_Q1_G_005 for the proposal for the Workshop "Measuring and Assessing Presentation and Prognosis In Non-industrialised Groups’ (MAPPING) Mental Health workshop". The Head of Division of the Graduate Campus decided to support the project with CHF 7'940.

Thanks to Adrian Jaeggi for supporting the application, and to my official co-organisers from UZH, Inez Derkz, Jordan Martin and Camila Scaff.

I'm posting this much later than the award (which was awarded on 16.05.22), just for completeness. The workshop has now been completed successfully.


The activity description of the proposal was as so:

The MAPPING Mental Health workshop has two key purposes: (1) share and develop methods of assessment of mental health amongst non-industrialised populations (especially small-scale and subsistence communities of hunter-gatherers, pastoralists, horticulturalists), (2) form an international interdisciplinary working group, with attendees as founding members, for ongoing collaboration and communication developing protocols and conducting research on mental health in these populations.

The four-day workshop will be carried out at the University of Zurich, Irchel Campus, with the possibility for online participants to engage virtually (demand depending). The event’s primary activities will involve small workgroups of young researchers and experts developing protocols for measuring and assessing mental health related traits and states in non-industrialised contexts, with repeated larger group discussions and rotation of group membership to encourage maximum interaction. Introductory and concluding sessions will involve sharing relevant experiences and making concrete plans for future research collaborations, respectively.


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