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Special Essay on Autism and the DCIDE method in the EPSIG Newsletter

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Yesterday the RCPsych EPSIG newsletter was released, including my essay as a 'special essay'. This is both the first essay I have published to the public within an expert-vetted publication, and also the most fully explained version of my work released to date.

It's a fairly easy access synopsis of the DCIDE method, with a briefly ran through example showing how it could be applied to autism to explain the whole (and currently confusing) spectrum.

At its heart, the DCIDE method is about putting evidence above assumption, and autism is the example I use in The Specialised Mind to show how it can be used to make sense of heterogeneity within disorder labels, a current challenge to psychiatric theorising.

Thanks to Paul St-John Smith and Riadh Abed for publishing the essay. It's exciting to start collaborating with the evolutionary psychiatry community after years of solitude.

You can find the newsletter itself here and the EPSIG site here.


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