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Summary of autism in EPSIG newsletter and recent news

Today the 21st EPSIG newsletter was released. It contained a brief summary of my previous essay on an assessment of autism from an evolutionary psychiatry approach. I’m glad EPSIG found the original useful enough to include this summary.

As a brief biographical note, I’m very happy to be a few months in to my PhD at the Institute of Evolutionary Medicine at the University of Zurich. Although the current pandemic has made the experience unusual, the team are very supportive, and I’m lucky enough to be receiving regular guidance from the external figures of Randolph Nesse, Riadh Abed and Paul St John Smith, some of the most prominent figures in the field. Over the next year, I hope to be publishing academically, and planning my PhD's main empirical study, of how evolutionary explanations affect stigma. I’m also thankful to now have the support of a literary agent, Toby Mundy, who I have signed with, and who will help publish The Specialised Mind once my PhD is in hand.

After four years of private research, connecting with the community and converting it into public research is an exciting prospect. There's much to be done!


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